All great work deserves a great platform. FiftyTwo45 introduces THE QUARTERLY, a dynamic, ever-changing source for creative inspiration from our most accomplished artists and esteemed outside collaborators. With a fresh perspective and exclusive content, The Quarterly publishes seasonal stories spanning the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, personalities, and news and events. From inspiring fashion photography and current events to beauty trends and captivating interviews, The Quarterly is the space for everything that ignites the imagination. With one eye on New Orleans and another on the international stage, The Quarterly serves both to showcase our artists, and to add our perspective to the larger creative conversation.

  • Editor in Chief / Creative Director – Elizabeth Perrin

Contributing Artists – Elizabeth Perrin, Augusta Sagnelli, Benjamin Morris, Lance Nicoll, Rodolfo Michel, JD Barnes, Dabito, Andi Eaton, Katalina Mitchell, Dana Embree, Lisa Tudor, Leslie Rivas, Tolley Casparis, Collin Kelly, Leah Pipes, Scott Newkirk, John Midgley, Doc Horace, Sabine Scheckel, John Wright, Wendy Karcher, Chris Guidry, Beth Fricke, Jessi Arnold, Day Still.