The Quarterly by FiftyTwo45 is an online publication celebrating the creative in all of us. Full of inspiration, fresh perspective and exclusive content, The Quarterly publishes seasonal stories spanning the fields of fashion, beauty, culture, living, personalities, news and events. Since launching in October 2015, The Quarterly has engaged an audience of young, design-minded consumers with one eye on New Orleans and the other on the international stage. Always visualizing and constantly evolving, we are a community of people creating content that ignites the imagination and adds value to everyday life.

Editor in Chief / Creative Director – Elizabeth Perrin

Contributing Artists — Alyse Lyn Clinton, Anastasia Genicoff, Andi Eaton, Augusta Sagnelli, Brennan Manuel, Brik Allen, Christina Flannery, Craig Mulcahy, Darian Brenner, Day Still, Elizabeth Perrin, Elizabeth Wirija, Eugenia Uhl, German Roque, Greg Miles, Heather Hansen, Jenny Sauceda, Justin Hardiman, Kai Bussant, Katalina Mitchell, Leslie Rivas, Lisa Tudor, Maiwenn Raoult, Maria Barreda, Nomita Joshi-Gupta, Phoenix Rose, Sarah Early, Sean Friloux, Sean Gispert, Sophie Lin Berard, Stormy Sloane, Tina Rodosta, Tiri Abril, Toni Hacker, Trey Denis and Wendy Karcher, among others.

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