Mark Pellington

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Mark Pellington is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he attended the University of Virginia, receiving a B.A. in Rhetoric in 1984. Upon graduation, Pellington joined MTV’s award-winning On-Air Promotions Department, where he created short conceptual spots, editing original footage with found sound and images. His groundbreaking work in collage and sound/image/text juxtaposition became the primary focus of Mark’s early work, leading to the creation of an ambitious 13-part global series, “Buzz” with MTV Europe producer/director Jon Klein. Upon completing Buzz, Mark refined his unique personal vision through a series of TV and video projects. His video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” is one of the most popular in history, as well as one of the most honored. It earned him Best Director at the 1992 Billboard Video Music Awards, and picked up four 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Director and Video of the Year. Mark Pellington became recognized as one of the world’s leading music video directors.

In his own words

I shoot moments, semi-constructed realities, abstract backgrounds for presentation, graphic text suggestions, allusive detachment and personal expression. Sometimes the videos are small motion paintings.I document texture, realism, man or man made, fleeting and found….i capture–any flickers that inspire, and evoke my sense of loneliness, isolation, and accrued found joys. Tests, location scouts, drive by grabs….no rules or structure.

I only see what I see, I only shoot so I can remember, leave it behind so that someday, someone may remember that same feeling. It’s a freedom unlike the world of moving images, although the line is blurred form stills to music video….

Both are very different than the world of film and television narrative, of large crews and tyranny of plot….. how that freedom find sits way into my creation of those images too.The images are sometimes from my subconscious, allowing a sense of repeated themes and perspectives, as if they then massacre a series of constructed dreams, snapshots of trauma , and ultimately healing ephemeral slices.

Collages form structural revelations unknown till I randomly find them. Dismantling and point of view experimentation of a singular image, or found artifacts reassembled to create my own meaning,

I love the process, the manipulation, the freedom….

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